Chesterfield, Virginia is known as one of the locations where traffic laws are stringent than usual. It all depends on the offense occurred for which the law enforcement have the authority to impose penalties on a driver who is violating traffic rules. For instance, one of the most common violations is driving without valid insurance. People without a valid insurance along with an uninsured motor vehicle payment of $500 or more will be classified and charged for Class 3 misdemeanor.

Regardless, it is critical to pay off the charges assigned due to driving an uninsured vehicle for a certain amount of time. In case of failure of payment, the driver will be charged for a Class 3 misdemeanor in which it is mandatory for them to make a $500 fine payment. In many situations, this also results in revoking of the driving license of an individual, license plate, and vehicle registration.

If you have been issued a traffic ticket for running a red light in Chesterfield Virginia, the state’s law enforcement agency has the authority to:

  • Impose a $50 fine and a processing fee of $62 if the offender is found evading a traffic control tool
  • Impose a $100 fine and a processing fee of $62 if the offender is found misconducting the traffic lights. This is also applicable to that driver who do not stop at red or they make a right when the light was red. The offender could be charged for other breaches followed by a ticket issued for running a red light, for instance, expired license or incomplete documents

Many drivers in Chesterfield Virginia are found driving recklessly on state roads. In majority cases, they have issued a traffic ticket for reckless driving. It is believed that if a driver is caught for driving recklessly on the road that may endanger lives of other individuals, they are charged under class 1 misdemeanor in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Apart from this, if a driver caused a death of another human being due to reckless driving, and did not have a valid driver’s license, they will be convicted for a class 6 felony. Every individual sentenced for reckless driving will be liable to pay a compulsory minimum fine payment of $250.

Whether you are issued for a minor or major traffic ticket in Chesterfield Virginia, it is recommended to hire or consult a Virginia traffic lawyer at the earliest. It is advised to not make court appearances until and unless you have talked to a lawyer. The attorney helps people understand the law and where they went wrong, in order to mitigate the consequences of violating traffic laws.