Credit Card Fraud Law In Virginia

Theft of credit card is a fraud that is classified as a serious crime in Virginia. Lost or stolen credit card, stolen through fake credit card or credit card cancellation. You can also steal someone’s pre-approved credit card.

What is a credit card fraud?Credit card related fraud is different from theft of credit card because most credit card fraud actually requires goods or services. Here, crime may try to use a stolen credit card. For example, if someone is guilty of a credit card fraud, that person will try to trick and do the following:Try to get a worthwhile value with an invalid or expired credit card / card numberHe would mistakenly claim that he is the owner of a credit card / number and have succeeded in getting something of value.Successfully trying to get something worth using the wrong card or fake numberYou can use your credit card to make more money than your credit limit or draft amount.

What are the penalties for credit card related frauds in Virginia?

The law on the theft of credit cards varies from week to week. Fees and fines range from jail time to up to 20 years in prison for days. Of course, the level of crime determines the severity of the punishment. A fine can go up to $ 10,000 in a credit card fraud penalty.

Virginia is charged with fines, charges and imprisonment for credit card fraud. These types of crimes are classified as identity theft. According to Virginia law, if you do not exceed $ 200 within six months, you will be punished with a first class misdemeanor. However, if the cost of stolen goods and merchandise purchased through a credit card exceeds $ 200 within six months, the charge is considered Category 6 felony.Other possible penalties for fraudulent credit card fraud include one to twenty years’ imprisonment on the principal calibration agency based on criminal gravity. Also, the fine for this crime cannot exceed $ 2,500.

What should be done if you are caught in credit card fraud by some person?

If you are a victim of credit card fraud, these are the important steps that must be taken within no time in regard to the fraud of the credit card:Start with submitting a police report as soon as possible. Then the next step is to notify your credit card company immediately. Record the date, time, and the person who reported the loss or theft. If your report is lost or stolen, we will not be liable for unauthorized charges. Under federal law, the maximum amount of compensation per card is $ 50. How can attorneys help in such situations of credit card related frauds in the state of Virginia?If you face the cost of credit card fraud, you should contact a veteran Virginia criminal attorney for legal advice. A knowledgeable fraud attorney can investigate your case, interview witnesses, and build strong cases for you.