Hanover Virginia Foreclosure Laws

While some of the state’s offer several requirement before a lender can foreclose, But Virginia has a very few similar laws. Virginia permits lenders in Henrico to foreclose on delinquent load without going to court if the trust deed includes “power of sale” clause which authorize the sale of home under certain situations. Still, the trustee must follow Virginia law and the requirements in the Deed of Trust. Virginia foreclosure laws require two particular steps irrespective of the language of the Deed of Trust: advertisement and notice.


Foreclosure in Virginia requires advertisement and the trustee must publish the advertisement in the newspaper in the country where property lies. The ad should be in the newspaper for three different days or once a week for two weeks. The Deed of Trust might also include the additional advertisement provisions and there is no language about advertisement in the Deed of Trust. . The sale cannot be held less than eight days subsequent to the first advertisement or more than thirty days following the last advertisement. If a trustee fails to follow the publication rules, the proper law court must render the sale voidable. According to foreclosure laws in Hanover Virginia, the advertisement must include:

  1. General description about the property
  2. The time, place and terms of sale
  3. The name of trustee
  4. Contact information for inquires conceding the sale

Courts have determined that a failure to obey with the content requirements for advertising will only reduce the sale void if the failure caused some sort of injustice to the homeowner.  An example of injustice is a reduced sale price.


Foreclosure in Virginia also require a notice. The foreclosing trustee must send the notice of the sale to the owner through mail. The notice must contain the time, date, and place of the sale.  It must also have other particular information from the Deed of Trust or a copy of the appointment of the additional trustee. The trustee must mail or individually deliver this notice 14 days earlier to the sale. Mailing the ad satisfies the requirement. Virginia law does not need that the owner of the goods essentially receive the notice, only that the notice be sent to the last known address of the owner. Furthermore, violation of these rules does not automatically render a foreclosure sale void. A trustee or lender cannot be held accountable for failure to obey with these requirements.

The foreclosure process in Hanover Virginia moves quickly and the homeowner might only get around two weeks’ notice before the home is sold at a foreclosure sale. If you are worried about, or imminently facing, foreclosure in Virginia, you should inform yourself about Virginia’s foreclosure laws and measures so you know exactly what will happen and how long the process will take. If you believe that a trustee is continuing to foreclosure without obeying with Virginia Law or the Deed of Trust, several courts in Virginia will hear cases to prevent the foreclosure.

Drug Laws of Henrico Virginia

Drug laws of Henrico Virginia are exceedingly upfront and strict, with the punishments associated with the kind of drug crime and most often the amount and kind of drug associated with the charge of possession or transporting a drug. Under the drug laws of Henrico Virginia, there ae many different charges related to drug crimes based on the different levels and schedules of the drugs. For instance marijuana or cannabis is a schedule I drug, however the drug laws of Henrico Virginia are specifically modified to marijuana as its own category of drug. In case you or your loved one has been charged under the drug laws of Henrico Virginia, you must consider consulting with a local drug lawyer to further have a clear understanding about the drug schedules.

A person will be deemed guilty of the charge of carrying drugs into Henrico Virginia only if the person is caught transporting the drugs into Henrico Virginia with an intentions to sell or distribute drugs. The conviction will be based on the amount of the drug. The illegal amount of carrying drug into Henrico Virginia under the drug laws of Henrico Virginia is a single ounce of cocaine and any other schedule I and II drug and at least five ounce of marijuana. In case you are convicted for the charge of carrying drugs into Henrico Virginia, it will be considered as a felony offense. This means that conviction for carrying drugs into Henrico Virginia will be penalized with minimum 5 years to maximum 40 years in jail and a fine of up to $100,000, along with a mandatory three years of incarceration. In case, there is prior conviction for the same charge than the similar penalties will apply, along with a mandatory jail sentence of 10 years.

It is also against the law for any individual to deliberately keep marijuana in his /her possession, which was obtained without a legal prescription or by illegal means. The first conviction of possession of marijuana in Henrico Virginia will face a charge of a misdemeanor. This means that the penalty will include up to 1 month is jail in addition to a fine of up to $500. In case, this is a subsequent offense, than the conviction will be charged as a class 1 misdemeanor. This means that any subsequent conviction for the similar offense will be punished by 1 year in jail and a fine of up to $2500.

Therefore, if you or your loved one has been charged for the possession or transporting of drugs in Henrico Virginia, consulting with an experienced local drug lawyer in Henrico Virginia can further explain you about the possible consequences of the conviction for these charges according to drug laws of Henrico Virginia. A knowledgeable drug lawyer can support you with an effective defense strategy, which may result in dismissal of the charges or reduction to a lower offense. To consult with an experienced local drug lawyer in Henrico Virginia, contact SRIS Law Group, P.C. Lawyer.

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There are serious penalties on individuals who violate the hit and run laws in Chesterfield Virginia. In the state, it is considered as a serious crime where the conviction will forever remain on the permanent criminal record of the driver. Typically, hit and run offense is referred to as ‘Failure to Report an Accident.’

Requirements for Virginia driver involved in an accident

In case of an accident, it is must for an individual driving in Virginia to stop at the scene of an accident in which they are involved. No matter if you caused the accident or not, the hit and run laws in Virginia bound individuals to provide personal details such as name, address, driver’s license number, and vehicle registration information. In addition, they should also render “reasonable assistance” to an injured, if any.

Evidence of hit and run charge in Virginia

It does not matter which car was involved in the accident, if the driver fails to report it, they are charged with Virginia hit and run offense. A driver is at risk of being charged for hit and run if:

  • They fail to report the accident to the authorities
  • Their car makes physical contact with a person, vehicle, or object
  • The accident results in injury, death, or property damage

Damage to unoccupied property

According to the Virginia hit and run law, a driver who does not report an accident that involves an unattended property is considered as a criminal. Unattended property is known as unoccupied property.

Damage to occupied property, injury or death

According to Va. Code §46.2-894, it is a criminal activity to not report an accident that involves attended property, death, or injury. For instance, the attended property is known as occupied property.

Duty of passengers to report an accident

In Virginia, it is not only the driver’s duty to report an accident if they have other passengers in the car as well. The car passengers can be charged with a hit and run in Chesterfield Virginia if the passenger is 16 years or older and knows that the driver failed to report the accident. Their duty is to contact the law enforcement to report the accident in a matter of 24 hours. In case they fail to report an accident, they can be convicted of this offense under Va. Code §46.2-895 (if the hit and run involved occupied property, injury or death) or Va. Code §46.2-897 (if the hit and run involved unoccupied property).

A passenger will be convicted of a hit and run charge if:

  • the offender was a passenger involved in an accident
  • the offender was 16 years or older
  • the offender knew about the accident
  • the offender knew that the driver failed to report the accident, and
  • the offender, themselves, failed to report the accident within 24 hours


Chesterfield, Virginia is known as one of the locations where traffic laws are stringent than usual. It all depends on the offense occurred for which the law enforcement have the authority to impose penalties on a driver who is violating traffic rules. For instance, one of the most common violations is driving without valid insurance. People without a valid insurance along with an uninsured motor vehicle payment of $500 or more will be classified and charged for Class 3 misdemeanor.

Regardless, it is critical to pay off the charges assigned due to driving an uninsured vehicle for a certain amount of time. In case of failure of payment, the driver will be charged for a Class 3 misdemeanor in which it is mandatory for them to make a $500 fine payment. In many situations, this also results in revoking of the driving license of an individual, license plate, and vehicle registration.

If you have been issued a traffic ticket for running a red light in Chesterfield Virginia, the state’s law enforcement agency has the authority to:

  • Impose a $50 fine and a processing fee of $62 if the offender is found evading a traffic control tool
  • Impose a $100 fine and a processing fee of $62 if the offender is found misconducting the traffic lights. This is also applicable to that driver who do not stop at red or they make a right when the light was red. The offender could be charged for other breaches followed by a ticket issued for running a red light, for instance, expired license or incomplete documents

Many drivers in Chesterfield Virginia are found driving recklessly on state roads. In majority cases, they have issued a traffic ticket for reckless driving. It is believed that if a driver is caught for driving recklessly on the road that may endanger lives of other individuals, they are charged under class 1 misdemeanor in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Apart from this, if a driver caused a death of another human being due to reckless driving, and did not have a valid driver’s license, they will be convicted for a class 6 felony. Every individual sentenced for reckless driving will be liable to pay a compulsory minimum fine payment of $250.

Whether you are issued for a minor or major traffic ticket in Chesterfield Virginia, it is recommended to hire or consult a Virginia traffic lawyer at the earliest. It is advised to not make court appearances until and unless you have talked to a lawyer. The attorney helps people understand the law and where they went wrong, in order to mitigate the consequences of violating traffic laws.

Is Driving Without a License a Felony in Warren Virginia

According to Virginia Code Section 46.2-300 no person shall drive any car on any highway until the individual has gained a valid driver’s license. There are certain exceptions to this rule such as non-residents driving on a license from their state, but usually, a local must have a license before driving in Virginia.

Driving without a license is not a felony but a Class 1 misdemeanor in Warren Virginia.

The harshness of fines and possible jail time depends in part, upon whether or not it is a first or following offense. Irrespective of whether the sentence is a first or following offense:

  • The court might suspend a driver’s right to drive for almost 90 days
  • The sentence will stay on an adult’s public criminal record for lifetime

A first time sentence is reflected a criminal Class 2 misdemeanor, and can outcome in:

  • Up to 6 months in jail; and,
  • Up to a $1,000 fine.

A subsequent violation is the most severe type of criminal misdemeanor in Warren Virginia: a Class 1 misdemeanor. Possible consequences might be as severe as:

  • One year in jail
  • A fine of $2,500

Driving without a license in Warren, Virginia is a criminal offense and the authorities classify it as a misdemeanor not a felony. The individual might have to pay heavy fines as well. Such a crime can be damaging to several parts of that individual’s life. The individual might have trouble acquiring a job or getting an apartment because a charge will pop up. An alleged individual will want to contact a criminal law attorney to avoid getting a sentence for driving without a license in Warren, Virginia. An attorney can help in numerous ways. He or she can get the charge dismissed or changed to rather less severe. Otherwise, an attorney can appeal that a judge enforce least punishment or substitute punishment for a sentenced person.

Defenses for Driving Without a License

An attorney can support a client to use several defenses for driving without a license in Warren, Virginia. One defense which can be used by the driver is that he or she was not a local of Warren, Virginia when the officer made an arrest. Citizenship is not instant for certain people, and it does not begin the first day someone transfers to Virginia. A new local does not become a Virginia local for at least 60 days. The 60 days is called the pardon period. A lawyer can help the driver to express the pardon defense.

Receiving a traffic citation for driving without a license does not essentially need that individual to appear in court if the individual pays the fine. Tickets are payable to the General District Court. Fighting the charge of driving without a license in Warren, Virginia can be hard. Once the district lawyer or prosecuting attorney claims that you drove without a valid license, the load of proof is on you to prove that you did have a valid driver’s license at the time of your crime.

Loudoun Virginia Murder Laws and Attorneys

When someone hears the term “Murder” then there are the serious scenarios that can come to one’s mind. The murder cases vary in a great way and they can be fatal injuries to self-defense and the charges can be beyond imagination. As the murder cases are different from one another so the charges associated with them are also different according to the situation. If you are being charged with murder then you must take the help of an experienced lawyer in Loudoun. They have years of experience and they can better evaluate the Loudoun Virginia murder laws.

They have the vast experience which enables them to examine the case thoroughly and they will find the methods to find the evidence along with steps to arrest. They will also ensure that the rights of the defendant are not violated during the whole trial.

The Types of Murder Cases Handled by Loudoun Lawyers

The term murder is defined as the killing of one person by another. The penalties highly depend on the situations that surround the murder. These situations are clearly defined and the punishments are according to them. When one person takes the life of another person then it can be intentionally and also negligible. It can also be accidental or justified. The lawyers in Loudoun, Virginia take following cases.

  • Manslaughters and murders declared as felonies.
  • Capital murder and punishments.
  • The punishments along with first and second-degree murders.
  • The homicide felony
  • Lynching and lynching resulting in murder.

The Declared Manslaughters and Murder Felonies

In this section, it is stated that a person can be guilty of murder. He has done it voluntary or involuntary and it can be manslaughter either first or second-degree murder or capital murder. All this comes under the guilty of the felony. There are classifications in this felony section and class 1 is the harshest and the class one is the least severe crime. The penalties associated with these felonies are based on these classifications. If you don’t have a better understanding of Loudoun Virginia murder laws then you can consult the lawyer.

The Advantages of Loudoun Murder Lawyers

All the charges related to the murder are very serious and they can have a severe impact on your personal and professional life. These allegations are taken very seriously by all the law enforcement officers. If you are charged with such felony then it is extremely important that you must have a Loudoun murder lawyer who is experienced and has the ability to build a strong defense in your favor. The reason is that the government in Loudoun takes these charges dynamically. So you must call your attorney and make sure you discuss all of your possible options with him in detail.

Capital murder is considered as the most serious murdered because forethought and complete planning are associated with it. So it is the most serious offense as the fine can be USD 100,000 along with imprisonment for the whole life. Consultation with your Loudoun Lawyer will become crucial in this situation.

Mechanical Violation Attorney Chesterfield Virginia

As per the Mechanical Violation law code in Virginia § 46.2-1000 – “Department to suspend the registration of vehicles lacking certain equipment; officer to take possession of registration card, license plates, and decals when observing defect in motor vehicle; when to be returned.”

According to the law code of Virginia 46.2, all the vehicles should have their equipment properly installed and should be functioning smoothly. Here is a list of all the equipment that should be working in optimal condition, as per the law of Virginia:

  1. Brakes
  2. Wind Shields
  3. Mirrors
  4. Headlights
  5. Turn Signals

If any Chesterfield citizen is found driving a faulty vehicle that does not have any of the above-mentioned equipment installed properly will be violating the law code 46.2 – Motor Vehicles and will be charged accordingly. Make sure that the seat belts are properly installed and the headlights are not damaged to prevent any violations of the law. If any of these equipments are found not working optimally, the traffic police may charge a traffic ticket for the violation of the law.

What Happens When a Defective Vehicle is Found in Operation?

If a defective motor vehicle is found, the officer will take possession of the following:

  1. License plate of the vehicle
  2. Registration card of the vehicle
  3. Vehicle Decals

Article 1 of Vehicle and Equipment Safety Comprises of the Following Law Codes:

  1. 46.2-1000

Department to suspend registration of vehicles lacking certain equipment; officer to take possession of registration card, license plates, and decals when observing defect in motor vehicle; when to be returned

  1. 46.2-1001

Removal of unsafe vehicles; penalty

  1. 46.2-1001.1

Special equipment required for converted electric vehicles

  1. 46.2-1002

Illegal possession or sale of certain unapproved equipment

  1. 46.2-1003

Illegal use of defective or unsafe equipment

  1. 46.2-1004

Trademark or name and instructions required

What Should You Do if You Have Been Charged with Mechanical Violation?

If a Chesterfield resident has been charged with a mechanical violation, the law enforcement authorities will hand them a fix-it ticket. Once the case has been solved, the law enforcement authorities will sign the ticket where it says “Certificate of Correction”. If the court of Chesterfield, Virginia, accepts the signed ticket, the case will be terminated. If the case remains unsolved for a prolonged period, the law enforcement authorities might issue you another ticket that will be displayed on your record. You may also have to pay the fine that has been inflicted on you due to the violation of the law.

What to do When Charged with a Mechanical Violation Case?

If you or a family member of yours has been charged with a mechanical violation case, you need to hire an experienced and reliable lawyer in Chesterfield to help you resolve the case and reduce the penalties and fines inflicted upon you by the State.

If you feel that you have been charged wrongfully, you need to consult your lawyer regarding the violation charges.

Petersburg Virginia Fraud Laws

Petersburg – Virginia Fraud Laws

  • 18.2-178. Obtaining money or signature, etc., by false pretense.
  1. If any individual acquires, by any token or false pretense, from another individual, with the intention to embezzle, property gift certificate or money that may be the subject of larceny, that individual shall be judged guilty of larceny thereof; or if that individual obtains, by any token or false pretense, with such intent, the signature of any person to a writing, the false making whereof would be forgery, that individual shall be guilty of a Class 4 felony.
  1. Venue for the trial of any person charged with an offense under this section may be in the county or city in which
  1. any act was performed in furtherance of the offense, or
  2. the person charged with the offense resided at the time of the offense.

What is meant by “False Pretenses”

As per the state of Virginia’s Commonwealth, any claims and accusations of false pretenses on an offender will be taken as a case of fraud. It is deliberated as stealing by lying. The city of Petersburg – Virginia takes every false pretenses charge as theft. For that reason, the sentence for false pretenses is kept as a larceny. The punishment by the state will be set accordingly, based on the price of the obtained property. Property can mean gift certificates, money, or any such property “subject of larceny.”

What are some of the Crimes that can be Regarded As Fraud?

Chapter 6 of Code of Virginia, “Crimes Involving Fraud”, covers all of the below crimes that are considered as fraud.

  1. Offenses Relating To Credit Cards
  2. Misrepresentations And Other Offenses Connected With Sales
  3. Miscellaneous False And Fraudulent Acts
  4. Impersonation
  5. False Representations To Obtain Property Or Credit
    • Offenses Involving Electronic Communication Devices
  6. Forgery
  7. False Pretenses
  8. Cigarette Delivery Sale Requirements
  9. Bad Check Law

What is the Penalty for False Pretenses Charges in the city of Petersburg – Virginia?

According to the Code of Virginia, any individual caught in the offense of false pretenses will be charged guilty of larceny. The state of Virginia’s Commonwealth will punish the wrongdoer for the charge of a larceny. Virginia larcenies are taken as felonies or misdemeanors subject to the taken property’s value.

  1. Misdemeanor (petty larceny): If the taken property is found to be of a value less than $200, the punishment of this charge will be a fine of no more than $2500 and jail time of no more than 12 months.
  1. Felony (grand larceny): The penalty for this offense will be a fine of maximum $2500, and jail time of no more than 1 to 20 years.

Substantial Proof of False Pretenses Before the Offender Is Convicted Of This Offense

Before the offender is convicted of a false pretenses charge, the state of Virginia’s Commonwealth must have proof.

  1. There must be solid evidence that the wrongdoer has implied, written, or spoken of making a false representation.
  2. There must be solid proof of the wrongdoer’s intent to defraud another person when the false representation was made.
  3. There must be solid proof of the offender’s false representation resulting in another individual parting from their property.
  4. There must be solid proof of the taken property value. The case of false pretense will be valid if the wrongdoer is found to have obtained both, possession and the title of the money or property.

Credit Card Fraud Law In Virginia

Theft of credit card is a fraud that is classified as a serious crime in Virginia. Lost or stolen credit card, stolen through fake credit card or credit card cancellation. You can also steal someone’s pre-approved credit card.

What is a credit card fraud?Credit card related fraud is different from theft of credit card because most credit card fraud actually requires goods or services. Here, crime may try to use a stolen credit card. For example, if someone is guilty of a credit card fraud, that person will try to trick and do the following:Try to get a worthwhile value with an invalid or expired credit card / card numberHe would mistakenly claim that he is the owner of a credit card / number and have succeeded in getting something of value.Successfully trying to get something worth using the wrong card or fake numberYou can use your credit card to make more money than your credit limit or draft amount.

What are the penalties for credit card related frauds in Virginia?

The law on the theft of credit cards varies from week to week. Fees and fines range from jail time to up to 20 years in prison for days. Of course, the level of crime determines the severity of the punishment. A fine can go up to $ 10,000 in a credit card fraud penalty.

Virginia is charged with fines, charges and imprisonment for credit card fraud. These types of crimes are classified as identity theft. According to Virginia law, if you do not exceed $ 200 within six months, you will be punished with a first class misdemeanor. However, if the cost of stolen goods and merchandise purchased through a credit card exceeds $ 200 within six months, the charge is considered Category 6 felony.Other possible penalties for fraudulent credit card fraud include one to twenty years’ imprisonment on the principal calibration agency based on criminal gravity. Also, the fine for this crime cannot exceed $ 2,500.

What should be done if you are caught in credit card fraud by some person?

If you are a victim of credit card fraud, these are the important steps that must be taken within no time in regard to the fraud of the credit card:Start with submitting a police report as soon as possible. Then the next step is to notify your credit card company immediately. Record the date, time, and the person who reported the loss or theft. If your report is lost or stolen, we will not be liable for unauthorized charges. Under federal law, the maximum amount of compensation per card is $ 50. How can attorneys help in such situations of credit card related frauds in the state of Virginia?If you face the cost of credit card fraud, you should contact a veteran Virginia criminal attorney for legal advice. A knowledgeable fraud attorney can investigate your case, interview witnesses, and build strong cases for you.

Burglary laws in Petersburg – Virginia

Burglary also identified as breaking and entering, is a very grave and severe charge. If anyone is found guilty of committing the offense of a burglary, the penalties can immensely affect the rest of their entire life. Not only is the crime considered a felony, but also a violent offense.

The city of Petersburg – Virginia punishes the wrongdoers as per their statutes below

  • 18.2-89. Burglary; how punished.

“If any person break and enter the dwelling house of another in the nighttime with intent to commit a felony or any larceny therein, he shall be guilty of burglary, punishable as a Class 3 felony; provided, however, that if such person was armed with a deadly weapon at the time of such entry, he shall be guilty of a Class 2 felony.”

  • 18.2-90. Entering dwelling house, etc., with intent to commit murder, rape, robbery or arson; penalty.

“If any person in the nighttime enters without breaking or in the daytime breaks and enters or enters and conceals himself in a dwelling house or an adjoining, occupied outhouse or in the nighttime enters without breaking or at any time breaks and enters or enters and conceals himself in any building permanently affixed to realty, or any ship, vessel or river craft or any railroad car, or any automobile, truck or trailer, if such automobile, truck or trailer is used as a dwelling or place of human habitation, with intent to commit murder, rape, robbery or arson in violation of §§ 18.2-77, 18.2-79 or § 18.2-80, he shall be deemed guilty of statutory burglary, which offense shall be a Class 3 felony. However, if such person was armed with a deadly weapon at the time of such entry, he shall be guilty of a Class 2 felony.”

  • 18.2-91. Entering dwelling house, etc., with intent to commit larceny, assault, and battery or other felony.

“If any person commits any of the acts mentioned in § 18.2-90 with intent to commit larceny, or any felony other than murder, rape, robbery or arson in violation of §§ 18.2-77, 18.2-79 or § 18.2-80, or if any person commits any of the acts mentioned in § 18.2-89 or § 18.2-90 with intent to commit assault and battery, he shall be guilty of statutory burglary, punishable by confinement in a state correctional facility for not less than one or more than twenty years or, in the discretion of the jury or the court trying the case without a jury, be confined in jail for a period not exceeding twelve months or fined not more than $2,500, either or both. However, if the person was armed with a deadly weapon at the time of such entry, he shall be guilty of a Class 2 felony.”

  • 18.2-92. Breaking and entering a dwelling house with intent to commit other misdemeanor.

“If any person breaks and enters a dwelling house while said dwelling is occupied, either in the day or nighttime, with the intent to commit any misdemeanor except assault and battery or trespass, he shall be guilty of a Class 6 felony. However, if the person was armed with a deadly weapon at the time of such entry, he shall be guilty of a Class 2 felony.”

Get the Help of Your Petersburg – Virginian Attorney

As you can tell, the charges for the offense of burglary carry serious penalties. The penalty and punishment can take a toll on your life. You need to be familiar with all your defense options that your Virginian lawyer is an expert on. Your lawyer is also familiar with the entire trial process. Hire an experienced and skilled traffic law attorney to help you defend and win your case.